The CCIA Committee of seven people

Elected at the annual general meeting (AGM), where the chairperson is also elected. This body represents CCIA as a registered NPO and PBO, and is responsible to report to the relevant authorities. All incoming funds are kept in the CCIA account. This account is managed by the treasurer, reported on monthly, and audited once a year by an independent accountant. This committee nominates from its membership those individuals responsible for fundeaising, reporting and negotiating with donors and potential funders. By receiving monthly reports from the Working Groups, and by calling regular meetings with them, this committee coordinates the work, and distributes funding from the CCIA account. The committee may nominate specific members responsible for liaison with the individual working groups and projects. The committee is responsible to foster a unity of purpose so that not only the volunteer members of the working groups, but also the member churches accept ownership of the different activities of CCIA and involve themselves where possible.

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  • RECORDKEEPING - Secretariat :  -  The secretary is responsible for the minutes of the monthly meetings of the CCIA Committee, and the correspondense and actions that are the outflow of the meeting. The secretary receives all correspondence with CCIA, and deals with it in the appropriate way. The secretary receives and files all the reports from the working groups, and is responsible that all matters reported receive attention at the CCIA Committee meetings. The secretary is responsible for the annual reports to the relevant authorities. The secretary oversees the secretarial work of the office. 
  • RECORDKEEPING Finances: - The elected treasurer of CCIA is responsible that the money received is well accounted for, and (where necessary) the necessary Section 18A receipts are handed out. The treasurer is also responsible for all payments of staff and the agreed expenditures on the projects. Of all this the required invoices and other records are kept in order. The treasurer keeps the books, and prepares a monthly statement for the CCIA Committee. The treasurer supplies the necessary documentation to the auditor for the annual audited report. To the extent that the office keeps the records the treasurer oversees the work. 
  • RECORDKEEPING Office: - The CCIA office in Tshepong safely keeps the secretarial and financial files of CCIA. The office staff assist the secretary and treasurer with the various administrative tasks where necessary.


The membership of CCIA consists of cooperating Churches. The member Churches are officially accepted after a process of invitations, visits and discussions which ends in a formal document of membership. CCIA will strive to involve all its member Churches meaningfully in its structures and activities. As it is one of the wishes of CCIA to represent all the Churches of Clarens there will be continuous and explicit outreach to all Churches.


All the churches in Clarens work together with compassion and enthusiasm to facilitate positive change in people’s lives, and to celebrate realised human potential.

  1. MISSION - We actively pursue the participation of all local churches in CCIA. We work together in a coordinated manner to address clearly identified needs and develop human potential to the benefit of our community. We provide funding, facilities, services and programmes to achieve our goals. We continually assess our efforts and adjust our endeavours accordingly.
  2. GOALS - 1. Create a programme aimed at identifying and contacting churches that are still outside CCIA.  2. Implement a comprehensive needs and potential analysis in Clarens. 3. Craft a series of interventions (services, programmes and courses) to facilitate positive change and realise human potential. 4. Develop the necessary tools, organise the celebrations and create relevant events to ensure wider public awareness, participation and funding of the work of CCIA. 


African Presbyterian ChurchPaul Motloung / Archbishop SM Mokoena
Anglican Church (St Hildas)Mamokotla Mokoena / Rev Lindiwe / Rev Philip Dixie
Anglican Church (Clarens)Richard Koch / Rev Philip Dixie
Home Church Ministries (Cave Church) Shiela Silcock
Methodist Church (Kgubetswana) Maditaba Mhlope
Methodist Church (Clarens) Bernie Platte / Rev Cecil Rhodes
Ned Geref Kerk Ds Sakkie van den Bergh
Samaria Christian Apostolic Church in Zion 2 Mojalefa Mofokeng
Uniting Reformed Church Thabo Makume / Molefi Seabelo


P.O. Box 115, Clarens,
Free State, 9707

For more information:


Dons Kritzinger
082 859 1505


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