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Bana ba Hlokang

(Children in need)

This project's Vision is to serve underprivileged children in our community by providing them with a daily meal from Monday to Friday, as well as a place of care, learning and safety. Lessons and assistance in a variety of subjects and activities, including computer-work, reading, homework, sport, art and dance, are given by dedicated volunteers. The scope of benefits for the approximately 200 children enrolled at Bana is immeasurable.  
Five of Bana’s care-givers have also been trained to offer vital counselling and play therapy to local school pupils. These qualified care-givers receive on-going training and refresher courses to ensure appropriate and positive counselling for the children. Tshepong Centre, the property where all the above takes place, is efficiently and conscientiously managed by the Manager, Thomas Thaele and his wife, Sarah.

Centre Ballet

Presently 38 children receive ballet classes  from a professional teacher on an on-going programme. During the last quarter a second teacher (Sonya Yabo) was appointed so that new students could be taken in. In line with the vision that students are enabled to realise their potential and to excel in life much love and attention is given to the youngsters. The dream is that they will eventually share their skills with dancers all over the world. They are supplied not only with skills and discipline, but also with the necessary equipment for dancing.

Clarens Counselling Centre

Counsellors have been provided with a three months long skills training course and half of them have received further specialised training in child-centred Play Therapy.
The aim is to develop a Lay Counselling Ministry that offers basic counselling services, that are top quality, easily accessible and free,

Hope Games

This holiday programme aims to through sport interventions and cooperation with local business and individuals, keep our youngsters away from the streets and so combat the social ills that take place during school holidays, and lay a solid foundation of a learned youth.

A soccer tournament was hosted for boys below the age of 14 years. It ran from the 16 to 31 December 2017. As a gesture of encouragement, appreciation and obtaining maximum participation, teams achievement were presented with trophies, each participant was presented with a medal (gold, silver, bronze) for partaking, and all children who participated in this tournament had their school fees (between R120 – R500 per annum) paid for the 2018 school year.

Some 120 boys thus participated. In addition everyone (including spectators) were served with lunch/refreshments during the duration of the games (16 days). In total 4, 800 children were fed during these games. The local business community sponsored and participated in the project.

Busy Bees Sewing Centre

The vision of the Sewing Centre is to uplift and equip township people to become self-sufficient in the art of sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery etc., even to the point of earning their own money.
Presently about a dozen young girls and a few adults are receiving classes certain days a week.

Kopano Project

(come together)

Swiss National Day in Clarens. On 4 August 2018, Clarens will be showcasing its combined talents to the world at the Kopano festival. The SeSotho word kopano means synergy or bringing together. The festival on the Clarens square will feature a wide variety of synergies. The Kopano festival will celebrate the unity between Clarens, Switzerland and Clarens, Free State, using the Swiss National Day as the driving force. The festival is an initiative by the Combined Churches in Action (CCIA) in Clarens and will be attended by the Mayor of Clarens/Montreux, Switzerland and the Swiss Ambassador to South Africa. The municipality of Montreux has sponsored a few projects undertaken by CCIA to the benefit of the community and this will be an opportunity to show the results and thank our sponsor. The festival will also feature at least two dozen stalls filled with goods exclusively “Made by Clarens”.
It brings together hitherto unknown talent with established brands, like the award-winning Noah’s cheese. Local artists, dancers, choirs, and musical groups will be featured on the programme, while Swiss dishes (fondue, rosti, raclette, etc) will be on the restaurant menus for the day. Fancy your yodelling skills? Why not enter the competition and win a handsome prize? There will be a number of traditional games for children and those who are still young at heart. In the evening, the restaurants will feature live music to add to the vibe. CCIA are planning an open-air service at 09:00 on the Sunday morning to celebrate our unity of faith. The organisers are planning a few surprises on the programme, so don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Swiss heart of Africa at the Clarens Kopano festival!


Geared to bringing about greater cooperation within the community, a variety of incentives are undertaken. In the past quarter two Christian events were organised which brought together quite a number of people. 

This project strives to bring the cooperating church leaders together on a regular basis encouraging them to participate in the different projects. Since 2016 this project facilitated ecumenical events like the Women's World Day of Prayer and the Easter Sunrise Service.

Retirement Project

Presently not active, but it is foreseen that it may in future have an important role to play in the planned retirement village.

Social Concerns 

Early on this work group was formed to deal with the social needs in the community not addressed by other groups. A wide variety of social, educational and environmental issues were handled during the past 15 years. 
This project initiated the relations with Phaphama, the schools, the development of the Recycling Centre, the Dependable Strengths programme, etc. Traditionally the Anglican Church leaders chaired this committee.

Thuso ya Thuto

 (assistance with education)

Works on the premise that long term socio economic development can only come about through quality education. Dealing with a wide spectrum of interventions starting with pre-school through to tertiary and post-school training.

ECD Centres are empowered through (a) ad hoc financial assistance and (b) training of staff. At the same time care workers visit homes to motivate parents. A selected number of primary school learners are enabled to gain entrance to good high schools.

High school learners are given enrichment classes, and top matriculants are motivated with bursaries/loans to gain selected tertiary qualifications. Unemployed youth are motivated and trained to gain some skills for the labour market or become entrepreneurs.

Church leaders are trained in Biblical ministry and leadership.



August 2018

Bursary winners were invited to the local Golf Club on a cold and windy Saturday August morning to deliver a prepared speech to a formal gathering of invested, concerned, warm, supportive and most of all proud members of the CCIA, consisting of peers, mentors, teachers and parents. 


P.O. Box 115, Clarens,
Free State, 9707

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